busy bee

our little busy bee has been up to lots of adventures in the past couple months! we’ve been to events at:

  1. Toys ‘R us / Babies ‘R us- SML has really enjoyed the lego build and take home events (lumiere, cogsworth, frankenstein, race cars), the Shopkins swapkins event where she scored her first swapkins toys and the pokemon trading card event. Her favorite event they’ve hosted was the birthday event. At the birthday event, the Toys ‘R us employee read to the kids about Geoffrey’s adventures. They got to sing and parade around the store doing silly actions and also colored in pictures to take home.
  2. Home depot for the Kids workshops- she got to build her own fire truck, bowling alley, and veterans day helicopter with help from her Daddy
  3. MagicBeans Warehouse sale at Hyde Park – This was the 2nd warehouse sale we’ve been to (the first was when I was carrying SML in my belly). baby SML got to go shop with Mommy and Daddy. She was able to score a super round Alvin stuffed animal and a bunch of legos (star wars and angry birds). She also got to see uncle Max and auntie Mimi and help Mommy advise them on what to get for her future baby friend ❤
  4. My Gym Burlington for the Summer Cool Down Event hosted by MommyBites – SML got to try out all the equipment they had at the gym, listen to songs, played with the parachute, etc. She also got to take home two munchie mugs to hold any future treats she wants to bring out with her on her adventures.
  5. Sesame Street Place in PA to see her favorite Elmo, Abby and friends live. She got to enjoy the amusement park rides, the water rides and also the shows they had at the park
  6. Trick or treating events at Target, Assembly Row, Wakefield town event and the Malden town events – she always has a blast trick or treating. This year she was able to take home some coloring activities and faux lego people instead of just candy.
  7. Goldfish Swim School Braintree for the Holiday Preview Party hosted by Macaroni Kid/Jenn today – She got to try out the new holiday toys that are out in the market today. She and her friend Mason played with and won the Hotel & Spa and the Tour Bus play sets with mini figurines in gift boxes to take home. Her friend Selena won two GloFish, a tank and accessories. They also got to play with this new Michaelango TNMT toy (from Walmart) Elsa doll and Star Wars figurines

and now…we can’t wait to see what other adventures await us this winter!