busy bee

our little busy bee has been up to lots of adventures in the past couple months! we’ve been to events at:

  1. Toys ‘R us / Babies ‘R us- SML has really enjoyed the lego build and take home events (lumiere, cogsworth, frankenstein, race cars), the Shopkins swapkins event where she scored her first swapkins toys and the pokemon trading card event. Her favorite event they’ve hosted was the birthday event. At the birthday event, the Toys ‘R us employee read to the kids about Geoffrey’s adventures. They got to sing and parade around the store doing silly actions and also colored in pictures to take home.
  2. Home depot for the Kids workshops- she got to build her own fire truck, bowling alley, and veterans day helicopter with help from her Daddy
  3. MagicBeans Warehouse sale at Hyde Park – This was the 2nd warehouse sale we’ve been to (the first was when I was carrying SML in my belly). baby SML got to go shop with Mommy and Daddy. She was able to score a super round Alvin stuffed animal and a bunch of legos (star wars and angry birds). She also got to see uncle Max and auntie Mimi and help Mommy advise them on what to get for her future baby friend ❤
  4. My Gym Burlington for the Summer Cool Down Event hosted by MommyBites – SML got to try out all the equipment they had at the gym, listen to songs, played with the parachute, etc. She also got to take home two munchie mugs to hold any future treats she wants to bring out with her on her adventures.
  5. Sesame Street Place in PA to see her favorite Elmo, Abby and friends live. She got to enjoy the amusement park rides, the water rides and also the shows they had at the park
  6. Trick or treating events at Target, Assembly Row, Wakefield town event and the Malden town events – she always has a blast trick or treating. This year she was able to take home some coloring activities and faux lego people instead of just candy.
  7. Goldfish Swim School Braintree for the Holiday Preview Party hosted by Macaroni Kid/Jenn today – She got to try out the new holiday toys that are out in the market today. She and her friend Mason played with and won the Hotel & Spa and the Tour Bus play sets with mini figurines in gift boxes to take home. Her friend Selena won two GloFish, a tank and accessories. They also got to play with this new Michaelango TNMT toy (from Walmart) Elsa doll and Star Wars figurines

and now…we can’t wait to see what other adventures await us this winter!


hot summer days

Hot summer days are spent outdoors, of course! We have very finicky weather here on the East Coast so when it feels like summer, we love to enjoy it being out and about. To prepare for the heat, we were able to pick up the babyganics sunscreen and insect repellent for SML and badger sunscreen for us.

image (1)

  • We won the Babyganics sunscreen and insect repellent package set at a recent Toys ‘R Us event. It was one of two prizes; the other prize was a bike! Baby SML was also able to meet Geoffrey for the first time but unfortunately, she was really scared and wanted to run away…but otherwise, she had a great time with us at Toys ‘R Us
  • We received the Badger Sunscreen through a trade-in offer hosted at our local Whole Foods. We had to bring in an old bottle of sunscreen and drop it off at the Whole Body section and the rep gave us a new bottle of Badger in return. I had learned about this offer through a local FB mom’s group.

Both sunscreens make the EWG’s Best Beach & Sports Sunscreens list so we are excited to try them out and see how we like them.

In addition to the new sunscreens and insect repellent, we have been using the Brica UV Alert Window Shades to protect our little one from the sun and also to keep her car seat straps/metal lock from heating up and potentially burning her from being exposed to the hot sun. It also keeps the shining sun from bothering her eyes. The UV ray protection is also a major plus in our books!

Of course, being in the car these days, also means ensuring that our little one has her books to make her rides more enjoyable. SML knows exactly how many books and which ones she has so she will make a small whiny noise if she feels a book is missing. She will also on occasion fall asleep holding one of her books.  Other than reading them on occasion, she has found a new purpose for them…they are used as LEG RESTS!! She def thinks of creative ways to utilize what is available to her 🙂 So smart! ❤

image (2)



many happenings

we’ve all taken turns being sick  lately — baby, mommy, daddy, grandparents, etc. unfortunately that meant more time spent resting but we’ve gotten to do some play time in between being sick…

Children’s Festival (5/21/16) at Lawn on D 

There were games for both the little ones and the adults — ball pit, lots of rody toys to ride and bounce about in, floor beams to practice balancing, things to climb on, sandbag toss, etc…The aquarium and zoo people were there too.

We played a bit before Baby SML went to listen to kids songs with daddy while I went to pick up lunch for us (sandwiches and burgers). Baby SML shared a bit of the sandwich with me before heading over to the MFA booth to paint some postcards with daddy. She was really into it and was able to paint a few.

Baby BBQ Play Date (5/29/16)

Baby SML had a memorial day play date in Braintree this month. She has monthly play dates with kids her age which are hosted at a different kid’s home each time. She is the second youngest in her group but that doesn’t stop her from copying her older baby pals. She loves her play group and will play without hesitation. For the BBQ play date, she got to swing around in the backyard, play with the pots and pans in the toy kitchen area, sit in the cozy coupe, eat BBQ chicken and yummy wide noodles cooked in broth…We left before we could play with the bubbles in the yard but it seems like the other kiddos had a great time! We’ll definitely need to introduce them to her later.

Bday Party at Jump On In (5/29/16)

We ended up going to the party a little late but the play time we did get was amazing! We got to play in the different bouncy slide areas. SML loved it; we might have a daredevil baby. Since SML was too small to participate on her own, it was great that Jump On In allows the adults to participate too. We held and climbed up each structure with her before coming down. We took turns and were really tired by the end but it was overall, a great time.

After playing, we were taken to a separate room where we munched on pizzas, fruits and birthday cake. The staff at Jump On In helped decorate and prepared settings for the kids which were helpful. There were also construction toys on the table for the kids to play with. SML was given a favor bag to go — it had an IKEA toy baking set, Disney gummies, animal crackers and popcorn.  We can’t wait to get her started playing with the baking set as she already enjoys playing in her kitchen at home.


cleaning house

Now that busy season at work has been over for a little while now, I have to get down to business…cleaning our home! It’s really tough to clean with a toddler who is awake and is super mobile. We are always worrying about what sort of messes baby SML will get into while we are busy with something else either in the same room or in another room. It’s also tough when she sometimes follows us around and sabotages the cleaning we do.

Instead of waiting until she is fast asleep, I decided to put her in the new high chair (we already have two different ones – one for at home and one for grandma’s house) we recently picked up, the boon flair, while I attempted to clean.


It’s been two days and it seems to be working! Not only do I not need to worry about what she is up to while she is in this high chair, it is easy for me to move her around from room to room so she can see what I am doing at all times. The high chair easily glides across the floor on its casters. I can also make cleaning a little fun for her by making sound effects or even playing a little peekaboo. Who knew that a high chair can be such a life saver?

side note: i was able to finally take the first shower while baby SML was awake! lovin’ this high chair!

first pool party

Baby SML went to a birthday pool party for her friend SS’s second birthday yesterday at Goldfish Swim School. The party started off with an hour of swim fun for the little ones. We were able to change to our swimsuits in the changing area and put away our bags and shoes into the provided cubbies. We then got into the pool, which can be heated up to 90 degrees. Unfortunately, SML was very reluctant to play in the water yesterday because she was tired from not taking enough naps during the day. We tried our best to entertain her by putting her in the canoe, on the duck foam floatie, helping her “swim”, playing “catch” with her with a ball pit ball, etc. Alas, she only wanted to play in the water if we were holding her.

After the hour was up, we showered off and dressed before sitting down at the table for food. For the party, the employees at the school are in charge of the set up and clean up of all areas. For the eating area, each child had a lei, plate, napkin, juice box and a cupcake. For decor, they had little balloons for all the kids in a pail on the table. Any food and additional drinks were ordered by the parents. A separate area was given to put these items so everyone can go and partake.

It was really relaxing to be able to just sit down and eat as soon as we finished swimming. SML really enjoyed the food. After eating, she was able to play with babies MN and AL for a tiny bit before we had to go. We had a great time at the party and SML will definitely love her bday favor from SS, a new pink contigo water bottle. We can’t wait to try it out.

stockpiling and other good stuffs

Diaper Stockpile

We were running low on our diaper stockpile (down to 3 boxes) but we were able to stock up on Huggies diapers today through our Amazon Prime membership. There was a 30% off coupon, 20% discount through Amazon Family and Subscribe and Save savings off the first delivery that dropped our diaper costs to half. We were able to get the following in size 4 (my friend Victoria was able to score the same ones on her account for SML too):

Diaper costs are so expensive these days that any type of savings is a blessing. The cost per diaper is also less than the chart we usually follow at Southern Savers so it was a no-brainer purchase for us. I am grateful that my friend Mai introduced me to this website. This is a great website for first-time parents because it helps you figure out what is considered a good deal on diapers and how much you need at the beginning per size. I am also super happy that SML didn’t have any allergies to any of the diapers we have purchased.

I think we have a little ways to go before we get rid of diapers entirely. Though SML has been able to tell us after she pees or poos sometimes by complaining or gesturing, we still have not managed to get her to say the words yet. We are trying to teach her hopefully so she will be able to let us know before she needs to go. Until then, we will continue to work with her. We do have a potty purchased just in case she is ready. The goal is to get her to that point before 2 (hopefully).

Other Good Stuffs

In other news, one of our good friends, Lisa, came back from a trip to Japan with her husband and got us mommy and baby clear (see through) umbrellas! It was a such nice surprise to see at the door once I got home from work :)! I love them because I can see exactly where I am going or looking backwards without lifting it aside and possibly get soaked a bit. I can’t wait for when SML is a little bigger and we can use them together.


Today we were also able to pick up Little Pim DVDs from another mommy. She didn’t have any luck with them with her daughter but I’m hoping SML will be interested in them and be able to learn Mandarin. Right now, she has been watching shows in Mandarin at her maternal grandparents’ home and has said one phrase correctly to her grandma.

I have also been looking into Mandarin immersion daycare/preschools in the area to send her to once she is a little bit older. We are just waiting until she is old enough to tell us if something is wrong so closer to 2-3 years old at this time is our guess. Until then, SML gets to spend time with grandpa during the week while we work.

While with grandpa, she will also be exposed to both Cantonese and Toisanese (other Chinese dialects) through everyday interaction. I was trying to search for Cantonese learning programs online but have not found a good one yet. Until then, I don’t believe it would hurt for her to learn Mandarin. It will good for her to learn multiple dialects while she is young and can easily absorb everything!


Happy Baby literally

We scored an amazing deal today on Happy Baby Clearly Crafted pouches at Babies R Us. We were able to pick up 12 pouches for $5.96 using the following deal:

  • 12 pouches for $15 sale at BBRUS
  • 20% BBRUS coupon (printed from BBRUS website)
  • 6 Buy One Get One Free coupons

They normally sell for $1.89/each at BBRUS so it’s quite a steal!

>> So what exactly are Happy Baby Clearly Crafted pouches? <<

They are the newest organic food item that the Happy Family Brands has come out with. We were first introduced to it at a Baby Brunch hosted by Macaroni Kid before it was sold in stores and SML loved them. The pouches are nice because it has the ingredients shown on the back of the pouch (see pic below) and it tells you how much of each ingredient you need if you want to recreate it at home. Not only that, the pouches are see through so you can see exactly what your kid is eating!

This is a great item for the full-time working mommy. Prior to baby, I had plans to make fresh baby food for SML for all her meals but obviously that didn’t work out so well. This new product makes me feel better because I can see and know exactly what she is eating. (No worries here about discolored food in these pouches; one of the major concerns I had previously)

They are also great for traveling! I introduced this brand to a fellow mom on Facebook maybe a month ago and she mentioned that TSA loved them because it was clear and they didn’t have to do as much testing on them. So it’s a definite must bring if you are planning a vacation with your kiddo!