Happy Baby literally

We scored an amazing deal today on Happy Baby Clearly Crafted pouches at Babies R Us. We were able to pick up 12 pouches for $5.96 using the following deal:

  • 12 pouches for $15 sale at BBRUS
  • 20% BBRUS coupon (printed from BBRUS website)
  • 6 Buy One Get One Free coupons

They normally sell for $1.89/each at BBRUS so it’s quite a steal!

>> So what exactly are Happy Baby Clearly Crafted pouches? <<

They are the newest organic food item that the Happy Family Brands has come out with. We were first introduced to it at a Baby Brunch hosted by Macaroni Kid before it was sold in stores and SML loved them. The pouches are nice because it has the ingredients shown on the back of the pouch (see pic below) and it tells you how much of each ingredient you need if you want to recreate it at home. Not only that, the pouches are see through so you can see exactly what your kid is eating!

This is a great item for the full-time working mommy. Prior to baby, I had plans to make fresh baby food for SML for all her meals but obviously that didn’t work out so well. This new product makes me feel better because I can see and know exactly what she is eating. (No worries here about discolored food in these pouches; one of the major concerns I had previously)

They are also great for traveling! I introduced this brand to a fellow mom on Facebook maybe a month ago and she mentioned that TSA loved them because it was clear and they didn’t have to do as much testing on them. So it’s a definite must bring if you are planning a vacation with your kiddo!