cleaning house

Now that busy season at work has been over for a little while now, I have to get down to business…cleaning our home! It’s really tough to clean with a toddler who is awake and is super mobile. We are always worrying about what sort of messes baby SML will get into while we are busy with something else either in the same room or in another room. It’s also tough when she sometimes follows us around and sabotages the cleaning we do.

Instead of waiting until she is fast asleep, I decided to put her in the new high chair (we already have two different ones – one for at home and one for grandma’s house) we recently picked up, the boon flair, while I attempted to clean.


It’s been two days and it seems to be working! Not only do I not need to worry about what she is up to while she is in this high chair, it is easy for me to move her around from room to room so she can see what I am doing at all times. The high chair easily glides across the floor on its casters. I can also make cleaning a little fun for her by making sound effects or even playing a little peekaboo. Who knew that a high chair can be such a life saver?

side note: i was able to finally take the first shower while baby SML was awake! lovin’ this high chair!