stockpiling and other good stuffs

Diaper Stockpile

We were running low on our diaper stockpile (down to 3 boxes) but we were able to stock up on Huggies diapers today through our Amazon Prime membership. There was a 30% off coupon, 20% discount through Amazon Family and Subscribe and Save savings off the first delivery that dropped our diaper costs to half. We were able to get the following in size 4 (my friend Victoria was able to score the same ones on her account for SML too):

Diaper costs are so expensive these days that any type of savings is a blessing. The cost per diaper is also less than the chart we usually follow at Southern Savers so it was a no-brainer purchase for us. I am grateful that my friend Mai introduced me to this website. This is a great website for first-time parents because it helps you figure out what is considered a good deal on diapers and how much you need at the beginning per size. I am also super happy that SML didn’t have any allergies to any of the diapers we have purchased.

I think we have a little ways to go before we get rid of diapers entirely. Though SML has been able to tell us after she pees or poos sometimes by complaining or gesturing, we still have not managed to get her to say the words yet. We are trying to teach her hopefully so she will be able to let us know before she needs to go. Until then, we will continue to work with her. We do have a potty purchased just in case she is ready. The goal is to get her to that point before 2 (hopefully).

Other Good Stuffs

In other news, one of our good friends, Lisa, came back from a trip to Japan with her husband and got us mommy and baby clear (see through) umbrellas! It was a such nice surprise to see at the door once I got home from work :)! I love them because I can see exactly where I am going or looking backwards without lifting it aside and possibly get soaked a bit. I can’t wait for when SML is a little bigger and we can use them together.


Today we were also able to pick up Little Pim DVDs from another mommy. She didn’t have any luck with them with her daughter but I’m hoping SML will be interested in them and be able to learn Mandarin. Right now, she has been watching shows in Mandarin at her maternal grandparents’ home and has said one phrase correctly to her grandma.

I have also been looking into Mandarin immersion daycare/preschools in the area to send her to once she is a little bit older. We are just waiting until she is old enough to tell us if something is wrong so closer to 2-3 years old at this time is our guess. Until then, SML gets to spend time with grandpa during the week while we work.

While with grandpa, she will also be exposed to both Cantonese and Toisanese (other Chinese dialects) through everyday interaction. I was trying to search for Cantonese learning programs online but have not found a good one yet. Until then, I don’t believe it would hurt for her to learn Mandarin. It will good for her to learn multiple dialects while she is young and can easily absorb everything!