Intro & Baby’s 1st Build

We survived a wonderful and sometimes scary first year with our little love. This is only just the beginning of a long road of discovery ahead. We hope you can join us as our little SML continues to go through many firsts.

To kick off this post, SML went to her first build and grow clinic hosted by Lowe’s today. This was her first daughter-daddy building activity with tools. Since baby SML is only 16 months, her daddy had to help her with most of the birdhouse project but she was able to use the tiny hammer with help! While her daddy was hard at work, she checked out and played with the little wood pieces in the kit she was given. She really liked the end product and proudly held it up to the employee running the event. We hope to continue to attend more of these events in the future.

SML’s first birdhouse:


*Note: we did not add on the stickers but the little booklet shows what it should look like once you add them on. A little bird feeder patch was also included in the kit. This can be attached to the aprons the kids received to take home.