Sousaku Bistro and Home Stuffs

Sousaku Bistro

Today we went to check out Sousaku Bistro, a new restaurant that opened up in Malden in 2015. It is a Japanese tapas restaurant and bar. We really enjoyed all the dishes we ordered:

  1. Gyu Tataki – Yummy and as expected from beef tataki
  2. Sousaku Boky Bun (4 orders) – Great sauce. It had the perfect amount of meat, veggie (to make you feel good) and sauce for each and every bite
  3. Foie Gras Risotto
  4. Curry Tatsuta Don
  5. Matsusaka Pork (Pork Toro) Yakitori (4 orders) – Simply amazing. Juicy and fatty, just the way I like it!
  6. Tartar Trio – the raw fish was really fresh

Baby SML didn’t really like the texture of the bun but liked the risotto (she didn’t try the foie gras part though) and the rice with a hint of curry (we did not want to give her too much salty foods) since she is still very young. We also have not started her on any “raw” foods and do not feel ready to do so yet.

Overall, we really enjoyed the food here but we might try to bring some snacks or other food items for SML next time so she has more choices of food. We highly recommend this restaurant and would order all the plates again next time we go.

Home Stuffs

After we stuffed ourselves, we had to get down to business. Landscaping has been a major item on our to-do list for a while now but due to the birth of baby SML and my crazy work schedule, it has been kicked to the back burner. Since SML is a bit bigger now, we hope to get our yard fixed up soon so she can enjoy time outside with us and her grandma.

For the yard work, we are hoping to have a fence built around our property and have the grounds dug up before adding new soil and leveling the grounds off to create a safe play and gardening space.

Today’s focus was on fencing. Unfortunately, we are not very handy people so we called a local fence company to come by to get a quote. We also went by Home Depot to set up a call in the next few days for a quote as well. Hopefully, the fence prices will be reasonable. We might need to shop around some more and get quotes from several more places in the upcoming weeks before deciding which company to use. For the fencing, we are thinking vinyl is the way to go so it’ll be easy maintenance on our end and will last for years to come.

Yard safety is a major concern for us for several reasons.

  1. Strangers – SML is too young to know who is a good or bad person. Though she is very shy at the beginning, she easily warms up, trusts and wants to play with everyone so we want to make sure to protect her as much as we can from strangers.
  2. Cars – Our street can be quite busy with cars in the morning and afternoon hours when people are going to work or coming home. We would not want her to accidentally run out into the streets if she sees cars driving by. We also do not want her to chase squirrels or bunnies that she sees running across. (She tried following the squirrel when we went walking the other day)
  3. If she is anything like me as a child, she might be an adventurous toddler and decide to go “shopping” on her own. My younger cousin and I did this when we were toddlers. We crossed a major intersection and almost made it to the train station. We were able to get out of the house on our own and through the yard because it was not gated. We definitely do not want this to happen with SML so we hope to get this done before she is able to reach the knobs to our doors (she already knows how to lock the front door if she is eye level to it).