taj & bpl day


Afternoon Tea Time at the French Room at Taj Boston

Baby SML and I ventured out into the city today — this marks our first trip without daddy or another family member. We met up with my friends from uni and one of the kids (CC) at the Taj for afternoon tea. This was the first time all of us have been in the same room since SML’s birth. It was good being able to catch up with everyone.

Tea time at the Taj was really relaxing and the staff was very accommodating. While we were there, soft live guitar music played in the background. SML enjoyed the music and would rock herself in her seat on the couch at random times. For the meal, I ordered the Taj tea which came with mini sandwiches, pastries and one of the teas. Though filling, I was expecting a bit more in terms of taste considering the high cost of the set.

SML does not appear to be a fan of tea sandwiches though. She tried a few mini bites of the egg salad and pb&j sandwich (from CC’s children’s set). Unfortunately, she did not want more than that. It does not appear she is a fan of jelly (though she likes peanut butter) and not a fan of egg salad though she likes eggs on its own. I am relieved I brought some strawberries I cut up this morning and packed in her new take and toss bowl. She was able to enjoy that while I ate and chatted with the others.

First trip to Children’s Room at Boston Public Library

After tea ended, we went on a short stroll down Newbury Street with the girls before ending up at the Children’s Room. The library is currently undergoing renovations. The update to the Children’s Room is pretty amazing. There are mini colorful reading areas, a few containers of toys (puppets, etc), a sensory wall, a distorting (or carnival) mirror and a mini tunnel for the little ones to walk under (similar to what they have at IKEA). The books are also at eye level so SML was able to take books off the shelves and flip through them on her own. She was also able to practice going up and down the steps to the small reading areas.

Whomever designed this room did a great job as it is all very little kid friendly. SML had so much fun with CC at the library that she fell asleep shortly after we left to head home from the library. All in all, we did pretty well without daddy today! Hopefully we will have more mommy & daughter time in the future.