many happenings

we’ve all taken turns being sick  lately — baby, mommy, daddy, grandparents, etc. unfortunately that meant more time spent resting but we’ve gotten to do some play time in between being sick…

Children’s Festival (5/21/16) at Lawn on D 

There were games for both the little ones and the adults — ball pit, lots of rody toys to ride and bounce about in, floor beams to practice balancing, things to climb on, sandbag toss, etc…The aquarium and zoo people were there too.

We played a bit before Baby SML went to listen to kids songs with daddy while I went to pick up lunch for us (sandwiches and burgers). Baby SML shared a bit of the sandwich with me before heading over to the MFA booth to paint some postcards with daddy. She was really into it and was able to paint a few.

Baby BBQ Play Date (5/29/16)

Baby SML had a memorial day play date in Braintree this month. She has monthly play dates with kids her age which are hosted at a different kid’s home each time. She is the second youngest in her group but that doesn’t stop her from copying her older baby pals. She loves her play group and will play without hesitation. For the BBQ play date, she got to swing around in the backyard, play with the pots and pans in the toy kitchen area, sit in the cozy coupe, eat BBQ chicken and yummy wide noodles cooked in broth…We left before we could play with the bubbles in the yard but it seems like the other kiddos had a great time! We’ll definitely need to introduce them to her later.

Bday Party at Jump On In (5/29/16)

We ended up going to the party a little late but the play time we did get was amazing! We got to play in the different bouncy slide areas. SML loved it; we might have a daredevil baby. Since SML was too small to participate on her own, it was great that Jump On In allows the adults to participate too. We held and climbed up each structure with her before coming down. We took turns and were really tired by the end but it was overall, a great time.

After playing, we were taken to a separate room where we munched on pizzas, fruits and birthday cake. The staff at Jump On In helped decorate and prepared settings for the kids which were helpful. There were also construction toys on the table for the kids to play with. SML was given a favor bag to go — it had an IKEA toy baking set, Disney gummies, animal crackers and popcorn.  We can’t wait to get her started playing with the baking set as she already enjoys playing in her kitchen at home.