17 month bday: melrose common playground

for baby SML’s 17 month bday on 4/17/16, we checked out the melrose common playground based on the advice of a local moms group on facebook. parking was easy — there were free spots right next to the playground.

from our experience, there are definite pluses to this playground:

  1. signs advising parents which age group the equipment is good for (similar to playgrounds i’ve seen only in Chicago)
  2. two playsets with its own swing set
    • the older kids side has a birds nest swing – this is pretty cool because then SML and her daddy can lie down and swing together. unfortunately SML was not impressed and much preferred the baby swings in the little kids side.┬áSML┬áliked going down the slides with mommy too.
  3. seesaws, spring toys and these cups that kids can sit and spin in circles in? not sure what they are called
  4. rock climbing structure
  5. two playhouses and a play kitchen
  6. huge track area with lots of ride-on toys such as cozy coupes, push cars, etc

SML’s favorite was the cozy coupe. she enjoyed being pushed around the track and started a new trend: pushing the coupes around. all the older kids thought it was fun so did it too (see last pic of kids in the background)

overall, we really enjoyed this playground and approve! it is very clean and safe — there is a gate and fence to make sure the kids stay in the play area. we love that it was not very crowded. we hope to come back in the future with her play date buddies!