art break and steps

we recently purchased the crayola washable watercolors set for $3.97 on amazon to bring a pop of color into our baby’s life. we have done a few pics since with her, always stopping once she gets tired of it.

today, for the first time, i had baby SML pick most of her own colors. she did a really good job.

her completed art work:



we are really happy with this purchase because it is easy to clean up if she gets it on her hands, clothes or the floor (though we need to get her a small work table soon). it has taught her a little bit more patience – she waits for us to clean the brush, add color to it, she paints and then gives the brush back to us for more colors. if she is dirty, she will listen to us to hold on while we get paper with a bit of water to clean her up. the only thing we need to work on is making sure she paints only on the paper.

lately, baby SML has been working on going down the steps of our home. instead of scooting her bum slowly down the steps, she wants to take big steps down. she has been holding onto me as she does this because she is scared she will fall. she loves going down but gets bored sometimes with going up (which she is pretty good at already). i think as she gets bigger and more confident, she will be able to do this on her own. for now, we will be her “railing” since she is too short to grab a hold of it at 16 months.