hot summer days

Hot summer days are spent outdoors, of course! We have very finicky weather here on the East Coast so when it feels like summer, we love to enjoy it being out and about. To prepare for the heat, we were able to pick up the babyganics sunscreen and insect repellent for SML and badger sunscreen for us.

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  • We won the Babyganics sunscreen and insect repellent package set at a recent Toys ‘R Us event. It was one of two prizes; the other prize was a bike! Baby SML was also able to meet Geoffrey for the first time but unfortunately, she was really scared and wanted to run away…but otherwise, she had a great time with us at Toys ‘R Us
  • We received the Badger Sunscreen through a trade-in offer hosted at our local Whole Foods. We had to bring in an old bottle of sunscreen and drop it off at the Whole Body section and the rep gave us a new bottle of Badger in return. I had learned about this offer through a local FB mom’s group.

Both sunscreens make the EWG’s Best Beach & Sports Sunscreens list so we are excited to try them out and see how we like them.

In addition to the new sunscreens and insect repellent, we have been using the Brica UV Alert Window Shades to protect our little one from the sun and also to keep her car seat straps/metal lock from heating up and potentially burning her from being exposed to the hot sun. It also keeps the shining sun from bothering her eyes. The UV ray protection is also a major plus in our books!

Of course, being in the car these days, also means ensuring that our little one has her books to make her rides more enjoyable. SML knows exactly how many books and which ones she has so she will make a small whiny noise if she feels a book is missing. She will also on occasion fall asleep holding one of her books.  Other than reading them on occasion, she has found a new purpose for them…they are used as LEG RESTS!! She def thinks of creative ways to utilize what is available to her 🙂 So smart! ❤

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